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Storytelling Tweets

Perhaps it was a mere coincidence that I began reading a novel by Charles Dickens this week.  Dickens was a master of the serialized story.  Readers breathlessly awaited the next installment as television viewers of my past waited for Richard Kimball to face the one-armed man…or to learn who shot J.R.

Fast Company recently featured an article called, “In Twitter, An Emerging Creative Medium For The Digital Age.”  You can find it at http://www.fastcompany.com/3003726/twitter-emerging-creative-medium-digital-age?partner=newsletter.   The main idea was that the 140-character service is being used as a new way to tell stories.

Using the current “latest and greatest” is not a new concept.  I still remember when the Kindle was introduced and reading Stephen King’s UR…written specifically for the device.  (There WAS something a bit eerie in realizing that my reading device might house a portal just waiting to admit some truly unusual beings!)

However, telling a story in 600 tweets?  Or dedicating a feed for multiple hours to distribute a newly written piece?  I won’t say that it would never have occurred to me.  I just wouldn’t know how to make it work.

For me, effective storytelling requires an effective storyteller.  This is usually a physical presence, orally relating the story to others.  It can be written, but establishing and maintaining the narrative “voice” is not an easy thing to do.

Yet, if I planned to tell a story on Twitter, I would need to consider the rhythm of the piece fairly early in the process.  And there is definitely a rhythm to multiple postings from a single person on one topic.  When it is done well, it carries a fascinating power.

Please take a look at the article and decide for yourself.  At this point in my writing career, I don’t have the ability to be a successful Twitter storyteller.  I’m not discounting that others could do it, though.  No, I’m not doing that.  I’m looking forward to being wonderfully engaged.

Thank you for reading.