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Regaining Control of Inspiration

I decided to post a very different entry this time.  Instead of my intended feature on corporate storytelling, this one is all about managing files so that you can find the information that is most important to you. 

I’m not a fan of housecleaning at all.  So, you can imagine my intense dislike of spending time coordinating files to manage information.  This is a task, though, that has steadily moved up to somewhere near the top of my most pressing priorities.

…and it all started with Twitter.

Twitter is my social media “home base.”  It’s the first place that I go for news, and to catch up on a wide variety of opinions from a truly diverse world of thinkers.  It had been rare that a visit there did not inspire ideas for a new or current project.

…until recently.

I realized that I was reading fewer and fewer postings from people who had once genuinely interested me.  Were they all leaving for some other service?  Surely I wasn’t ALWAYS visiting at the wrong time to take advantage of their wisdom.

And, no, that wasn’t the case at all.  They were still there.  They were just lost in a myriad of postings from people that I had followed out of courtesy or who had once caught my interest, but had since become participants in the game of “How can I get more Followers?”

Yes, it was time to weed out the extensive list of folks I was Following.  That chore was daunting enough.  But, if Twitter was going to once again be effective for me, I would need to create interest Lists and sort those who remained into places where I could easily find them.  After three days of off-and-on work, I’m almost a third of the way through my Following group.

Of course, there has been a pay-off already.  A careful review meant that I’ve stopped Following about 200 people who aren’t talking about things in which I now have an interest.  Meanwhile, the Lists assure that I’m receiving a good collection of thoughts about topics that are of concern to me during each visit.

In other words, the information has become useful to me again.  In fairly short order, I’m finding the inspiration that caused me to embrace Twitter in the first place.

I can see you are way ahead of me.  Yes, that means I’ll need to go back and do the same with my other information sources…including my files of “Isn’t that interesting?” information that I’ve clipped for future reference, and which are presently buried in a central catch-all spot of other clippings.

The work is ponderous, yet the results are profound.  When I’m finished, I’ll have more topics for this blog that would never have seen the light of day because they were inaccessible to me due to the time needed to dig them out.

…And, that also means that I’ll be ridding myself of files that were placed in storage for a rainy day, but that I’ll have very little likelihood of ever using.  All is not lost, of course, for someone else out there will probably uncover them in their research and win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

That’s okay.

I won’t ever win the Nobel Prize for Literature because my tastes are too eclectic.  (This morning, while walking my dog, I pondered whether or not werewolves still retained their beast forms when a full moon could still be seen in the morning daylight.  Not exactly a literary consideration that is rewarded by panels of Great Thinkers.)

I encourage you to look at where you keep the information that is important to you…or that you once thought was important to you.  Sometimes, we do have to engage in literary housecleaning to avoid tripping over needless mental clutter. 

…It may not be fun, but it will give you more reliable access to your stories.

Thank you for reading.